RocketPy Documentation#

Version: 1.2.2

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RocketPy is the next-generation trajectory simulation solution for High-Power Rocketry. The code is written as a Python library and allows for a complete 6 degrees of freedom simulation of a rocket’s flight trajectory, including high-fidelity variable mass effects as well as descent under parachutes. Weather conditions, such as wind profiles, can be imported from sophisticated datasets, allowing for realistic scenarios. Furthermore, the implementation facilitates complex simulations, such as multi-stage rockets, design and trajectory optimization and dispersion analysis.

Getting started

Simulating your first rocket? Check out the Beginner’s Guide. It contains an introduction to RocketPy’s main concepts and walks you through the process of setting up a simulation.

User guide

The user guide provides in-depth information on the key concepts of RocketPy with useful background information and explanation.

API reference

The reference guide contains a detailed description of the functions, modules, and objects included in RocketPy. The reference describes how the methods work and which parameters can be used. It assumes that you have an understanding of the key concepts.

Contributor’s guide

Want to contribute to RocketPy codebase? Check out the contributor’s guide for information on how to set up your development environment and our coding style.