Welcome to RocketPy’s code documentation!

RocketPy’s code is fairly well documented. The code is structured into 5 main classes:

  • Function: a helper class to facilitate mathematical manipulation, interpolation and plotting of data resulting from experiments or simulation.

  • Environment: a class that takes care of atmospheric properties and other environment related variables pertinent to flight simulation.

  • SolidMotor: a class to model solid rocket motors and process them to be assigned to a rocket.

  • Rocket: a class that holds all properties related to a rocket, such as its inertia properties, motor, aerodynamic surfaces and parachutes.

  • Flight: the class that takes the rocket and the environment and actually perform the flight simulation, post-processing the results.

The following image shows how the four main classes interact with each other:

Environment, Solid Motor, Rocket and Flight Class flowchart.

For details about each class, see below.