RocketPy documentation#

RocketPy uses Sphinx to generate the documentation. Sphinx makes it easy to create documentation for Python projects and it is widely used for Python projects, such as NumPy, Pandas and SciPy.

The ReadTheDocs is used to host the documentation. It is a free service that automatically builds documentation from your sphinx source files and hosts them for free.

RocketPy official documentation is available at

How to build the documentation in your local machine#

When you find yourself modifying the documentation files and trying to see the results, you can build the documentation in your local machine. This is important to check if the documentation is being generated correctly before pushing the changes to the repository.

To build the documentation in your local machine, you need to install a set of requirements that are needed to run the sphinx generator. All these requirements are listed in the requirements.txt file inside the docs folder.

To install the requirements, navigate the terminal to the docs folder and run the following command:

pip install -r requirements.txt

After installing the requirements, you can build the documentation by running the following command in your terminal:

make html

The file named Makefile contains the commands to build the documentation. The make html command will generate the documentation in the docs/_build/html folder.

To see the documentation, open the docs/_build/html/index.html file in your browser.


Watch out for any warnings or errors that may appear in the terminal when building the documentation. If you find any, fix them before pushing the changes to the repository or at least warn the team about them.

Sometimes you may face problems when building the documentation after several times of building it. This may happen because sphinx does not clean the docs/_build folder before building the documentation again. To clean the docs/_build folder, run the following command in your terminal:

make clean

After cleaning the docs/_build folder, you can build the documentation again by running the make html command.

If the error persists, it may be related to other files, such as the .rst files or the file.


Do not modify the Makefile or the make.bat files. These files are automatically generated by sphinx and any changes will be lost.

How to integrate the documentation with ReadTheDocs#

The documentation is automatically built and hosted by ReadTheDocs. Every time a commit is pushed to the repository, ReadTheDocs will build the documentation and host it automatically. This includes other branches besides the master branch. However, the documentation will only be available for the master branch, and you need to configure the ReadTheDocs project to build the documentation for other branches.

The connection between the GitHub repository and the ReadTheDocs project is already configured and defined in the readthedocs.yml file, available at the root of the repository.


You need admin permissions to configure the ReadTheDocs project. Ask the team for help if you don’t have admin permissions.