Here you will learn all of the useful ways you can install RocketPy.

Quick Install Using pip

To get a copy of RocketPy’s latest stable version using pip, just open up your terminal and run:

pip install rocketpy

If you don’t see any error messages, you are all set!

If you want to choose a specific version to guarantee compatibility, you may instead run:

pip install rocketpy==0.13.0

Optional Installation Method: conda

Alternatively, RocketPy can also be installed using conda and the Conda-Forge channel. Just open your Anaconda terminal and run:

conda install -c conda-forge rocketpy

Optional Installation Method: from source

If you wish to downloaded RocketPy from source, you may do so either by:

  • Downloading it from RocketPy’s GitHub page and unzipping the downloaded folder.

  • Or cloning it to a desired directory using git:

git clone

Once you are done downloading/cloning RocketPy’s repository, you can install it by opening up a terminal inside the repository’s folder on your computer and running:

python install

Development version

Using pip

RocketPy is being actively developed, which means we have stable versions and development versions. All methods above will install a stable version to your computer. If you want to get the latest development version, you also can! And it’s as simple as using pip. Just open up your terminal and run:

pip install git+

Cloning RocketPy’s Repo

Alternatively, you can clone RocketPy’s repository, check out the branch named develop and proceed with:

python install